RIAA Faces Action For Alleged Infringement of Patents

October 2004

Record Labels, Internet

The Recording Industry of America, the trade body which represent the US recording industry has been accused of patent infringement by Altnet Inc, a Californian firm. Also in the firing line are several RIAA partners that make anti-piracy software including Overpeer Inc., Loudeye Corp. and Media Sentry Inc. Altnet filed the lawsuit in a Los Angeles district court last week. It alleges that RIAA and its partners infringed Altnet’s patented file-matching technology that identifies file requests sent over a P2P network. The suit claims that RIAA encouraged Loudeye and others to propagate popular P2P sites like Kazaa with bogus or damaged files that were disguised as user file requests. It also claims the methods used to match their files with users infringe its patented technology. Woodland Hills-based Altnet is seeking an injunction to stop RIAA and its partners from further use of its patented technology. It is also seeking unspecified monetary damages, but did not specify a dollar amount at this stage of proceedings.

See : http://www.cbronline.com/article_news.asp?guid=DDE0AFD5-4734-4139-B4EE-F824CB896118

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