“Creative Commons” Adopted in the Netherlands

August 2004

Record Labels, Music Publishers, Television, radio, Film, Internet

The Netherlands has become the third European nation to adopt a ‘Creative Commons’ approach to copyright. This is a simpler way of handling copyrights on the Internet already adopted in Finland and Germany . The brainchild of Professor Lawrence Lessig from California’s Stanford University, and others, Creative Commons (CC) was originally launched as an American initiative 18 months ago. CC’s objective is to stimulate the distribution of electronic material, like literature, photographs, music, films and scientific works, over the Internet without breaching copyright laws, and creating, in the process, a large public domain – a ‘creative commons’ – for artists and scientists to share and work in. Unlike the present, ‘all rights reserved’ copyright system, CC adopts a simpler, ‘some rights reserved’ attitude. Its licences come in 12 flavours of varying application and coverage, stipulating exactly where (for non-commercial purposes, for example) and how (mentioning the information source is mandatory) a licensed work can be used. The Duch version of CC will conform to Dutch copyright law and allow owners to stipulate how and where free use can be made without affecting ownership.
See : http://www.dmeurope.com/default.asp?ArticleID=2124

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