Disability Discrimination Act to Extend to Venues and Club Premises

July 2004

Live Event Industry

The UK’s Disability Discrimination Act 1995 requires service providers to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ so that disabled patrons can use their premises. From 1 October 2004 this provision will be extended to the physical structure of buildings. Operators now must consider how physical barriers to disabled patrons can be removed or how alternative arrangements can be made. The Disability Rights Commission has said that it will back access cases after October although with 8 million disabled people in the UK with a huge spending power one would hope that venues would be proactive in making improvements. There are no tax breaks for structural improvements although there are for moveable items such as ramps and providing toilets for disabled persons is zero-rated for VAT.
See : http://www.timesonline.co.uk/law and http://www.musictank.co.uk/attitude.htm

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