DVD pioneers consider Warners suit

November 2003

Record Labels, Internet

The inventors of the world’s first combined compact disc and DVD are considering legal action against Warner Music, one of the largest record groups, amid allegations of breach of contract and patent abuse. The Dierks Group, the privately-owned German music and technology group that pioneered the double-sided CD and DVD, has warned Warner that it has patents and contract rights over combined music and video discs after the US group signalled plans to manufacture so-called dual discs. Warner Music, a subsidiary of Time Warner, is planning to launch dual discs in the US next year in a potential tie-up with Sony Music, part of the Japanese consumer electronics and entertainment giant.
Dieter Dierks who patented the combined disc technology under the name DVD Plus, has written to Warner Music claiming it has licenses over production of such discs and royalty agreements that promise a share of future profits arising from sales by the US group.

See: www.cdfreaks.com/news2.php?ID=8078

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