Taiwan copyright law revisions ‘a step backwards’

November 2003

Record Labels, Music Publishers, Artists, Film, Television

The Taiwan Anti-piracy Coalition have said that the country’s revised copyright laws are a step backwards in the fight against piracy. The Coalition said the removal of minimum penalties on some intellectual property offences was a major concern. The Legislative Yuan passed the revised Copyright Law in June 2003 after making a total of 53 changes to a draft originally proposed by the Executive Yuan. According to the Coalition, these changes have seriously weakened copyright protection, especially regarding penalties for copyright violators, since the law now defines a copyright violation as making more than five copies of a product or selling copies that are worth more than NT$30,000 on the street. This means that persons who make fewer than five copies or less than NT$30,000 will not be regarded as criminals. In addition, the Coalition argue that the removal of the minimum six-month prison penalty would make people less worried about infringing copyright. The Coalition said the lack of adequate intellectual property protection will have serious consequences for industry and the future of the nation’s economy.

See: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archives/2003/09/17/2003068192

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