Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v. Chen [2003] FCA 897 
The Federal Court of Australia recently had to consider whether or not to issue injunctive relief against a US resident given that there was apparently no mechanism available for the enforcement or registration of the Australian injunction in the US courts. The Court heard that the respondent had operated a website which purported to be an official website for the Sydney Opera House and included a mechanism for ‘ordering tickets’. In fact the website had nothing whatsoever to do with the Sydney Opera House and the site contravened Australia’s Trade Practices Act, 1952 (TPA).
The court accepted that in reality it could NOT enforce the injunction. However, the court DID make a formal declaration to mark its disapproval of the respondent’s activities, in part because it felt that such might carry some weight with US domestic law enforcement and trade authorities such as the US Federal Trade Commission. The Australian Court also felt that a formal declaration might act as a warning to consumers.