Record Labels

A Delhi court has restrained Sony Music Entertainment from marketing its album titled DJ Heart Remix, containing popular Hindi songs, in response to an action brought by claimant Super Cassettes Industries. Super Cassettes claimed that the title, artwork and content of the product produced by Sony were deceptively similar to their Copyrighted albumDJ Hot Remix.
Holding that there was phonetic, visual and structural similarity between the title DJ Hot Remix and DJ Heart Remix, Additional Sessions Judge RPS Teji, in an ex-parte interim order, restrained Sony Music from carrying any business to do with or advertising for the Heart Remix album. The court also injuncted Sony from using the artistic work of the inlay card of the album which was allegedly identical to that of Super Cassettes’ DJ Hot Remix.
Besides alleging that there was phonetic, visual and structural similarity in the title of the album, Super Cassettes accused Sony of depicting on the inlay card six common songs in a similar style as well as printing the sequence of three songs in an identical manner.
Super Cassettes had submitted that the adoption of deceptively similar titles and features by the rival to promote its product was causing confusion and deceiving the consumers.