Jordan brought its copyright laws up to date by extending protection to the Internet, but proper enforcement remains the next hurdle, businessmen said on Wednesday. Jordan has implemented “100 per cent” of its commitments to various international bodies by extending copyright protections to material on the Internet, Minister of Industry and Trade Salah Bashir said. The change to copyright laws also toughens penalties against those who violate them, for example, by pirating music or computer software, said Tawfiq Tabbaa, a member of the Jordanian Intellectual Property Association. Tabbaa said the laws protecting intellectual property adopted since 1999 are working, noting that software piracy has dropped from 87% in 1999 to 64% this year. Tabbaa said work is going to “increase judicial capacity” when it comes to the often highly technical arguments made in cases over who has the legal claim to a certain idea. He said the government is looking at working with international experts ‘to help judges feel more a part of the changing laws that they will have to start applying in their courtrooms’.

Source: The Jordan Times