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Manhatten Supreme Court Judge Matrin Schoenfeld threw out a lawsuit from 56 year old lawyer Jeffrey Powell who claimed that John Fogerty’s music damaged his hearing. Judge Schoenfeld rejected the claim saying “if you don’t like loud music don’t go to rock concerts” and added that “Nobody is forced to attend rock ‘n’ roll concerts”.
Powell saw the former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman in concert six years ago. In the eight-page decision released yesterday, the judge referred to Powell as an “eggshell ear” – and rejected his $5 million lawsuit. “That ‘loud music’ can cause hearing impairment is “perfectly obvious” and “commonly appreciated” Schoenfeld said. The judge said Powell admitted he suffered ringing in his ears for years after attending rock concerts but went to see Fogerty anyway with three friends. Powell said that after one or two songs, he left and listened from outside the ballroom, returning once to find his friends with their fingers in their ears. Judge Schoenfeld said Fogerty’s “bluesy, good-time, roots-rock” sound has never been thought of as particularly loud, compared with bands such as the The Who and Led Zeppelin.