Hargreaves Review – Sir Robin Drills

November 2011

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Solicitor and former SABIP member Laurence Kaye has written a very clear summary of the responses Prof Sir Robin Jacob gave to MPs on the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee. Noting that the Hargreaves Review had been far too general and had been given too large a remit in too small a timeframe, Sir Robin said that “it is not possible to do the whole of IP in six months” and he called for an 18 month study of the specific issue of online copyright. Sir Robin’s thoughts cover the need to understand what technical steps from ISPs were possible before decisions were taken on the best approach to fighting online copyright infringement, the best forum for protecting copyright (favouring civil law proceedings), how a Digital Rights Exchange might work (only on an EU level), the ongoing role of the Copyright Tribunal and Sir Robin also strongly supported an exemption to copyright laws to allow data mining, stressing that he had spoken to medical researchers at UCL who said medical advances were being stopped by the lack of this facility. There is much more and its a good read – and its all on Laurie’s Blog (Laurence Kaye on Digital Media Law)


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