CD bootlegger gets suspended jail sentence

November 2011

Record labels, online

Dave Finney, A 60 year old man from Barnsley, South Yorkshire has been given a suspended sentence for selling pirated CDs online. Finney downloaded music from the internet, burned it to CDs, and then sold them via the web, with very little attempt to hide his tracks.  After the BPI discovered the operation, police seized his computer equipment and found he had illegally copied more than 200,000 items although despite the high quantities of copies he was making , it is reported that payments taken via PayPal amounted to just over £12,000. The judge hearing the case accepted that there was a ‘degree of naivety’ about Finney’s piracy pursuits, but, he said, given the number of tracks illegally copied, and the fact the venture ran for four years, a custodial sentence was required, albeit a suspended one. Finney, previously of good character,  was given a nine month suspended jail term, and ordered to wear an electronic tag and adhere to a night time curfew for four months. Money and equipment associated with the piracy operation will also be confiscated.

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