Big Brother IS watching you

March 2012

Internet, Technology

Apple has moved to quell a growing storm over privacy saying that it would ban apps for the iPhone or iPad that collected personal data from users without their prior approval. The move follows revelations that services were collecting personal data including contact email addresses, contract telephone numbers. Path, a social networking app apologised after a researcher discovered it had uploaded his iPhone contacts to its servers. Other offending services included Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp.  Twitter said it would make it more clear it collected the contact data and stored it for up to 18 months. Facebook said that when it collected data it made this quite clear. But Google has been accused of bypassing Apple’s privacy settings on Apple devices to track internet browsing habits, implementing new codes to override privacy settings on iPhones and iPads. Google has now disabled to code and said no personal information was collected. Remember, these firms are in control of the future of the internet. Frightening!  (The Times, February 17th 2012, p8).

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