Justin looks to stop Joustin

March 2012


Justin Bieber’s legal team have issued a cease and desist letter against the creators of the Joustin Beaver, the animated star of a smartphone game. According to TMZ, the maker of the game, RC3, has received a demand they declare any revenues made from sales of the 99 cents aqp game so far. RC3 will continue selling the game, saying it is a parody and therefore protected under American fair use doctrines. Previously in the UK where no clear right of parody exists, Lady Gaga obtained a High Court order to stop the Moshi Monster social network from releasing songs from its character Lady Goo Goo, although both Lady Goo Goo and another Justin inspired Beaver – Dustbin Beaver – still live within the Moshi universe. After Bieber’s initiative, RC3 ten also petioned the court for a declaration to clarify their position.


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