Drake faces Marvin’s Room claim

March 2012

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Drake’s hits ingle, “Marvin’s Room” was not only a hot hit for Drake but also covered by a number of other artistes including Lil Layne, Chris Brown and even Justin Bieber. Now an alleged ex of Drakes’s, Erika Lee, is suing Drake for not including her in the co-writer royalties.  Lee’s voice is heard on the other end of a phone call at the start of Drake’s 2011 recording. She also claims that the two did more than work on a song together and that she and Drake were allegedly involved in a romantic relationship. Lee claims that during their time together they traded poems and songs and often spoke about making sweet music with each other. It was agreed that they would work on “Marvin’s Room” together and split the proceeds. It was also agreed that Erika would speak the opening of the song that set up the story about how Drake’s fame evoked his inner, drunken desire for his ex as the walls of fame and fortune got in his way and the suit claims that the  “Plaintiff’s contribution is highly significant to the overall work”. Unfortunately for Lee shortly after the song was released the relationship ended.  Lee then reports that they were supposed to meet to discuss the following issues but it never happened.  According to the complaint, Drake texted Lee an offer of  2 %  of the “publishing royalties” and the  following an abusive phone call then offered her “4-5%” of publishing monies and $50,000 to “stay out of his business”.

Read more:  http://923now.radio.com/2012/02/03/drake-slapped-with-another-law-suit-over-hit-single/

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