Lollapalooza exempt from new “pot ticket” law

September 2012

Live events industry


The Chicago Tribune reports that the city’s new “pot ticket” law goes into effect during the middle of Lollapalooza, but the new system of a $250 fine (for the first offence) for possession of less that 15 grams of cannabis won’t apply to the festival in Grant Park because it’s Chicago Park District property. That exception to the new rules means that police instead will continue to arrest those caught – although last year, police made exactly zero marijuana-related arrests among the 270,000 people who passed through the Lollapalooza gates. Chicago has moved to decriminalise cannabis and officials with C3 Presents, the festival’s promoters, declined comment to the Tribune although they drew attention in 2006 when Lollapalooza-branded rolling papers were given out at a news conference in advance of the Festival.

A Chicago Police Department order issued last week on how to enforce the new ordinance lays out several “aggravating factors” that require arrest for even small amounts of pot. In addition to the rule about Park District property, people caught in the act of smoking marijuana — as opposed to just possessing it — also still will be subject to arrest. So will those police deem “under the influence of cannabis and in control of a motor vehicle.” People caught with marijuana on school property will be taken into custody, along with people police believe intend to sell the marijuana they have in their possession. Subsequent tickets for possession of pot attract a $500 fine.,0,1409567.story

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