Warner Music face Muse claim

October 2012

Music Publishing


Warner Music is facing a $3.5 million legal action from songwriter Charles Bollfrass who says that Muse, the Warner’s signed band, copied his work in the three-track conclusion of Muse’s 2009 album ‘The Resistance’. Bollfrass says Muse copied his idea to create ‘Exogenesis’, a trilogy of tracks based around an apocalyptic sci-fi tale in which mankind hopes a team of astronauts can find humanity a new home. Bollfrass alleges that his 2005 idea was for a “cinematic science-fiction rock opera” called ‘Exogenesis’ and he approached three bands with the concept, one of which was Muse only to be told Muse were not interested in the project but that three years after that, ‘Exogenesis’ appeared on the band’s fifth album credited to frontman Matt Bellamy with an near identical plot line

Bellamy explained the three tracks in liner notes for the iTunes LP version of his album, in which he revealed: “[‘Exogenesis: Symphony’] is a story of humanity coming to an end and everyone pinning their hopes on a group of astronauts who go out to explore space and spread humanity to another planet. Part One is a jaded acceptance that civilisation will end. Part Two is a desperate hope that sending the astronauts to find and populate other planets will be successful alongside the recognition that this is the last hope. Finally, Part Three is when the astronauts realise that it is just one big cycle, and recognise that unless humanity can change it will happen all over again”.

Whilst Muse are not named as defendants in the lawsuit they responded saying “the claim is complete nonsense and is categorically denied. It appears to be based on a ‘screenplay’ which the band never received or saw, produced by someone the band has never heard of. It speaks volumes that the album in question was released a full three years ago, and yet this is the first that has been heard of these groundless allegations”. Warner Music has reportedly said it will “aggressively defend” itself in the legal action.


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