File sharers are the biggest music fans

November 2012

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A new study has found that music fans who use peer-to-peer file sharing services actually purchase more music, on average, than those who stay completely legit. The study of US and German music fans by the American Assembly, a policy think tank housed at Columbia University, found that file sharers purchase 30% more music than non-file sharers. File sharers also have much larger music collections, naturally, with a big boost to their libraries provided by files they’ve downloaded without buying.

48% of tracks i the average 18-29 year old American’s music collection have been brought, with 52% acquired illegally – by ripping (15%), copying from family and friends (16%) or illegally downloaded for free (21%). The share of legal music rises to 63% in the 65+ age group – although 37% is copied – 19% by ripping, 8% copied from friends and family and 12% illegally downloaded.


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