Aerosmith’s Tyler say ex-managers lawyer lawsuit is a ‘travesty’

January 2013



Steven Tyler has called a lawsuit being pursued by his former management against his current lawyer “an outrage and a travesty”. A court filing by the Aerosmith frontman and former ‘American Idol’ judge regards the litigation has been seen by TMZ and it seems US music industry veteran Allen Kovac began legal action against lawyer Dina LaPolt back in October. Kovac claims that he hired LaPolt to work on negotiations with ‘Idol’ producers when Tyler’s contract with the show was up for renewal in late 2011 but, he alleges, the attorney derailed the negotiations by telling ‘Idol’ producers that the star’s reps were overplaying their hand in a bid to up their client’s fee and further allege that LaPolt then persuaded Tyler to sack his managers, cutting Kovac’s management company out of the commission it was due on the severance fee paid by the ‘Idol’ production company when Tyler left the show. TMZ reports that Tyler says the personal management company he fired has no business complaining about it, because  Kovac was “disrespectful, rude, and insulting to his fiance and his family” and they parted company when it became clear (To Tyler) that he couldn’t stop the firm’s top man from “inserting himself” into his affairs.

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