Sony hackers receive suspended prison sentences

February 2013



Two men accused of hacking into Sony Music’s servers and stealing unreleased music by a number of high profile artists, including Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, have been found guilty. They were each sentenced to a six month suspended prison sentence and 100 hours of community service according to a report in the Guardian. James Marks (27) and James McCormick (26) were arrested in March last year and initially denied the various copyright and computer misuse charges laid upon them, their lawyer saying at the time that they were just massive fans of Michael Jackson who had got carried away. When the case came to court, both pleaded guilty.

Neelie Kroes, the EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, has said that she wants to see more companies report when they have been a victim of a cyber attack  and that more transparency is needed to improve cyber security and enable co-operation to strengthen it, adding that many stay silent as it perceived bad PR to admit to an attack. The CEO of BT, Ian Livingston, ranked hscking as in the top three risks to any company.  New EU measures on cyber security are expected soon.

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