Unpaid intern brings class action against Warners

July 2013

Record labels


A former intern of Warner Music’s Atlantic subsidiary in the US is suing for unpaid wages as part of a class action which could extend to others in the same circumstances

Justin Henry says he worked at the label for no wage between October 2007 and May 2008 in violation of New York labor laws. He also suggests that the practice of not paying interns had not always been company policy at Atlantic, and only began in June 2007. The lawsuit claims minimum wage for all hours worked, plus overtime, interest, unspecified damages and costs. Henry states that in his role tasks included answering telephones, photocopying and collecting lunch for permanent staff, which Henry and his lawyers argue this must constitute employment under New York law and doesn’t fit the regulations for classifying staff as unpaid interns. The lawsuit estimates that over 100 others could be due back pay under the class action and is calling for more former interns to come forward.


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