Early Axl Rose tracks pulled from YouTube

July 2013

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A 1983 demo by Axl Rose’s’ pre-Guns N’ Roses band Rapidfire that turned up online last week has been pulled from the web, due to a copyright claim filed by Axl’s lawyer. The snippet of the demo of the band’s recording on “Ready to Rumble” was posted on YouTube but is no longer playable. Instead it has a note that says, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Mark Music & Media Law, P.C.” “Whenever there’s unauthorized Axl Rose or Guns N’ Roses audio, video or merchandise, we take aggressive efforts to have it removed from the marketplace,” Doug Mark of Mark Music & Media Law told Yahoo! Music.

Prior to the filing of the copyright claim and take down, the folks behind the release of the Rapidfiredemo were still hinting that that there could be an official release of the five demo tracks. “Over 72,000 hits! Keep ’em coming so we know there is enough interest to release!,” they posted on the Rapidfire 1983 Facebook page.



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