Gaga asks for gag

August 2013



Lady Gaga has asked the US courts to seal aspects of a legal squabble between two of her former collaborators, to prevent information contained in papers relating to the case being made public.

The legal battle is between Rob Fusari, the producer involved in creating the star’s early recordings and  who claims he is responsible for conceiving the Gaga persona, and Wendy Starland, who says that it was she who first introduced Fusari to a young Gaga, then still performing under her real name Stefani Germanotta, and that she is therefore due a cut of the money for actually discovering the future star.

Gaga herself is not party to the Fusari/Starland dispute, but the singer says that some information in papers relating to the dispute is “sensitive, private and personal” and would “inflict significant personal and professional harm upon” her if it was made public. Gaga says that she has a non-disclosure agreement with Fusari that provides grounds to have the courts seal elements of his legal battle with Starland. Whether the courts concur on that point remains to be seen. If not, you can be sure the press will scrutinise any published papers relating to Starland v Fusari extra carefully, seeking whatever it is that Gaga would prefer remained private.

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