Wylie faces legal action after festival fiasco

August 2013

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Wiley has called the audience at the CockRock Festival in Cockermouth, Cumbria “pagans” after he was booed off stage just 15 minutes into his set. The grime MC had been tweeting all day with negative comments about the Festival and was met with jeers from the audience, before he told the crowd “This is the truth, if one more can comes flying I’m coming off stage. You cannot throw cans at me because of a situation that I had with my agent … you can’t be angry at me.” The audience jeered and laughed at the rapper before he left the stage.

Wiley (real name Richard Kylea Cowie) had shared his dismay while en route to the event saying “Just the name makes me not wanna go,” he wrote, before adding: “My agent knows that there are cool places to play and other places are just not worth the hassle.” As well as slamming the festival’s name, Wiley said he was unhappy with his agent for making him play a farm in Cumbria tweeting to agent Billy Wood: “Billy please stop sending me to farms to perform please mate. I am a yardie man.”

Following his short set, the 34-year-old took to Twitter, claiming he “faced up to a few Pagans and got paid ….#LightWork haters suck ur mum”. He added: “All pagans from yesterday’s festival get the off my @’s and go and find something constructive to do and let me spend this money in peace.”  CockRock festival organiser Marie Whitehead told a local newspaper she would be taking legal advice. Wiley later denied the rumours that he walked off stage before finishing his set, tweeting: “You think I would drive 7 hours and perform for 15 mins while dodging a few bottles and coins to give them back money ……Are u mad lol…” but the seemingly could not resist another tweet saying “I just earnt £1000 a min. I’m gonna p*** this 15 k up the wall”. Two of the full tweets were reproduced in the NME and read:

I drove into Cumbria picked up 15 k underneath the noses of a few haters not everyone was … just a few …Fear no area or no human .Amen . — Wiley (@WileyUpdates) July 20, 2013 

All pagans from yesterday's festival get the off my @'s and go and find something constructive to do and let me spend this money in peace.

— Wiley (@WileyUpdates) July 21, 2013

Whitehead told reporters “We are dealing with 250 contracts for the event, so I’m not sure what the position is but we will be getting legal advice on what happened. It is very disappointing, as it would appear he did not fulfil his contract and was supposed to play for 45 minutes“.

Wiley’s festival-based Twitter outbursts last month led to the MC failing to appear at the Glastonbury, Festival after he tweeted the Glastonbury Twitter account: “Please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again… please cancel me without sueing I would like that.

Now I am the lawyer for Glastonbury so I must make it clear that this part of the report is simply taken from press reports: The rapper is quoted in the NME as explaining why he “left the site” before his scheduled appearance there on June 29 with a tweet “Soon as I land …Rain ffs” adding several tweets later: “Fuck it life goes on but I am pissed. Glastonbury ain’t paying me enough to leave my comfort zone …tight bastards.”. In fact apart from some rain on the Friday afternoon, the rest of the Glastonbury weekend was glorious weather – sunny and warm.

Scheduled to play the Sonic stage in Silver Hayes on Saturday June 29th, the NME says he continued with a pop at other events too saying: “Capital ball Glastonbury And wireless can all fuck off as far I’m concerned.” He then took issue with his Glastonbury fee, warning: “I’m gonna tell al the promoters how much Glastonbury get away with paying people and the other festivals will think wtf ..”

Later in his tirade, Wiley even began tweeting at the official Glastonbury Festival Twitter account, @GlastoFest. “please cancel me I do not want to play for you ever again,” he urged. Then, responding to a tweet from fan @DJimmy_Wilson, he concluded: “jay z had to wait till the end of his career to play glasto ..fuck them and their farm ….” Although the BBC says a number of messages were later deleted and Wiley apologised for the last tweet being rude.

Wiley had a busy weekend of July festival performances with his Cockrock appearance happening between appearances at Lovebox in London and Access All Eirias in Colwyn Bay, Wales. The MC claims he earned £60,000 in total for the three shows.

He explained his no show at Glastonbury in an interview with the Global Gathering Radio as a move to support other newer festivals – something we here doubt chimes with CockRock

“I turned round to Glastonbury and said no because of something they’ve done to me previously. Not that we should be playing tit for tat… but the fact I can get to a place where I can say ‘You know what I’m not going to do Glastonbury, let me help the other festivals rise up.’ Once you play the game for a certain amount of time you’re in the loop and you can’t be ignorant and arrogant cause they’ll kick you out of the loop,” 
http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2013/jul/22/wiley-cockrock-festival-pagans (with video)





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