Australian High Court decides simulcast dispute

September 2013

Broadcasting, internet


The International Federation of The Phonographic Industry has welcomed a recent ruling that brings to an end a long legal battle between the record and radio industries in Australia. The dispute centred on whether existing music licenses held by commercial radio stations in Australia covered simulcasts on the internet and the High Court Of Australia has backed lower court rulings that radio stations do need new licences to webcast sound recordings. Welcoming last week’s ruling yesterday, IFPI boss Frances Moore said: “This welcome ruling confirms that Australian broadcasters should pay rights holders when they stream their music online. It is a well established principle in most countries that broadcasters should pay a fair rate for the recorded music they use to attract audiences and drive advertising revenues. This principle should hold true when they use simulcasting technology to reach an audience online”. And I suppose that’s right – IF it’s a new audience.

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