Owl City sum not a settlement for Good Time

March 2014

Music publishing


Owl City singer Adam Young has cleared up reports suggesting the band had lost a plagiarism lawsuit over his 2012 collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen – “Good Time” – after TMZ reported that singer songwriter Ally Burnett had won a six-figure sum for copyright infringement claiming Good Time heavily sampled her 2010 tune, “Ah, It’s a Love Song”, taking the “unique vocal motif” and hook of her song. Burnett filed her lawsuit against Jepsen and Owl City in 2012, also naming the co-writers on the song Brian Lee and Matt Thiessen, plus publishers Universal Music, Songs Music Publishing, Schoolboy Records and all the US collecting societies, ASCAP, SESAC and BMI, as defendants.  It seems the sums in question – $804,156 – were pending royalties which were placed in escrow by Young’s collection society BMI until the case is resolved – enabling BMI to be removed as defendants in the action.


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