13 former police officers face charges over Hillsborough deaths

April 2014

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Thirteen retired or serving police officers have been identified as “suspects” in the continuing investigation into the police cover-up after the Hillsborough disaster, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has said. The commission said 11 of these officers, who had been on duty on the day, had already been interviewed under caution relating to a range of offences including manslaughter, misconduct in a public office, and perverting the course of justice. A spokesman said the other two would be interviewed in the near future. It is not clear what rank of officers have been identified as suspects or how many are serving or are retired. Four of the individuals have been identified by both the IPCC investigation into the cover-up and the new criminal inquiry into the 1989 tragedy. Seven other individuals are facing charges.

The news emerged on the eve of the opening of inquests into the 96 Hillsborough victims in Warrington on Monday. Britain’s worst sporting disaster happened on 15 April 1989 during Liverpool’s FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest as thousands of fans were crushed on Sheffield Wednesday’s Leppings Lane terrace.  The crush resulted in the deaths of 96 people and injuries to 766 others. Verdicts of accidental death from the original Hillsborough inquest in March 1991 were quashed in December 2012. The action was taken after the Hillsborough Independent Panel delivered its final report earlier in 2012.


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