MP3tunes creator found liable for copyright infringement

April 2014

Internet, recorded music


The original creator Robertson has lost the action brought against him by EMI who sued the new company and Robertson himself in 2007, claiming that the operation infringed its copyrights. The former chief executive was found liable for infringing copyrights for sound recordings, compositions and cover art owned by record companies and music publishers once part of EMI Group Ltd. A federal jury in Manhattan found Michael Robertson, the former MP3tunes chief executive, and the defunct San Diego-based company liable on various claims that they infringed on copyrights associated with artists including The Beatles, Coldplay and David Bowie – both for direct involvement in distributing unlicensed files and for being “wilfully blind” to other copyright infringement on his site. The court now needs to decide what damages Robertson should pay EMI for all that infringement

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