All Party Parliamentary Group will table legislative reform

May 2014

Live events sector


The UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Ticket Abuse has published the findings of its recent review of the secondary ticketing market, and says it will now table amendments to the Consumer Rights Bill, due to be debated in the House Of Commons next month with legislation to regulate ticket resale sites to follow.

The APPG’s report does not seek an outright ban in ticket reselling but seeks safeguards to ensure resale platforms are not used by ticket fraudsters, and to ensure that sites are more transparent so vendors can be identified. .

Amongst the Group’s recommendations are the following:


  • Guaranteed compensation for fans falling victim to ticket scams through resale websites, covering their costs for getting to the event.
  • A legal requirement for resale websites to publish full information about the tickets listed through them, as well as information on the seller.
  • A further requirement for resale websites to declare where tickets have been given directly to them from an event organiser, as well as to investigate the provenance of tickets where one individual tries to sell more than 20 for one show.
  • Responsibility for tracking down and prosecuting those committing ticket crimes to be given to a national police agency.


The APPG Report also calls on promoters to do more to stop large quantities of their tickets from entering the secondary market, and to support limited-mark-up ticket exchanges for fans who bought tickets with the intent to attend but then cannot.

Conservative Co-chair of the APPG, Mike Weatherley MP said “The whole industry needs to be much more open. Consumers deserve to know which tickets they’re buying and who they’re buying them from. Nobody’s saying there shouldn’t be a secondary market, but it needs to work in the favour of consumers and the creative sector, not of a few faceless individuals getting rich off the hard work, investment and talent of others”.

Co-chair (Labour’s) Sharon Hodgson MP added: “As the Metropolitan Police have said, the complete lack of transparency in the secondary ticketing market contributes to consumers getting ripped off – whether that’s through artificially high prices or buying fake or cancelled tickets. There’s no excuse for inaction from either the secondary market or the government, and I hope ministers will use the Consumer Rights Bill to put fans first”.

Ticketmaster’s MD for Resale Christoph Homann told CMU: “The APPG on Ticket Abuse have not listened to industry advice. They’ve ignored the facts and the lessons to be learnt from other markets where onerous legislation has pushed the resale market underground or offshore – exposing fans to fraudulent cyber touts”.

Viagogo spokesman Oliver Wheeler told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We completely support the need for consumers to be protected from fraud and from having bad experiences with ticket re-sale – that’s why we set up Viagogo to stop people getting ripped off when they are buying tickets by giving them a safe platform to do so. However, we don’t believe the Government should interfere in what is a voluntary transaction between two parties. When you have bought something, whether that is a house, car or ticket, it is up to you what you do with that.”

The recently appointed Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport, Sajid Javid MP, has previously spoken in favour of the secondary ticketing market. and

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