Sorry Mrs Jackson; Michael Jackson’s mother ordered to pay AEG court costs

May 2014



Leeza Panayiotou writes that Michael Jackson’s mother has been ordered to pay AEG Live’s costs of successfully defending a negligence claim over Michael Jackson’s death. The ruling comes following the claim Mrs Jackson brought against the concert promoters of Michael Jackson’s 2009 comeback tour “This Is It”.  Mrs Jackson brought the claim against AEG in light of the fact that they hired and paid Conrad Murray (the Cardiologist and Doctor who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter) to supervise and assist Michael Jackson’s health care.

A jury found that AEG were not negligent in hiring Murray due to the fact that at the time of hiring, Murray was neither unfit to do his job nor an incompetent medical professional, leaving AEG to assume that a licensed Doctor would administer safe health care and treatment.

Katherine Jackson’s legal team were not granted leave to appeal the jury’s decision on this matter.

While AEG’s costs have yet to be finalised, they had initially requested costs in excess of $1 million. A Judge ruled in line with Mrs Jackson’s legal team that this amount was excessive and ruled that costs should be in the region of $800,000.00. Mrs Jackson’s legal team have tentatively stated they would not appeal this ruling, however, it is likely that the decision to appeal will depend on the final amount of costs AEG claim.

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