All age events back on track in Melbourne

May 2014

Live events industry


“All-ages” gigs are set to return to some of Melbourne’s music venue under changes made by the state government. The new laws, which came into effect in April, remove the requirement for liquor licensees to get approval to host alcohol-free under-age and all-ages live music events in licensed venues under the previously bureaucratic procedure that requited  venues to apply for an all-ages, alcohol-free event giving at least 45 days notice – often an impossibility given touring schedules, and a costly administrative burden. State Minister for Liquor and Gaming Regulation Edward O’Donohue said the changes removed onerous paperwork saying ”Venues across the state, like the famous Corner Hotel, are able to host under-age shows without the paperwork and costs that had previously made them too expensive and time consuming to contemplate,.’ It is estimated that live music contributed $301 million towards Victoria’s economy in 2009-10, supporting 15,000 jobs.
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