Bob Marley songs dispute heading for high court

May 2014

Music publishing


Cayman Music and Blue Mountain Music are set to go to the High Court to settle the dispute over a handful of songs widely believed to have been written by Bob Marley in the early 1970s, but which at the time were credited to his friends, in the case of ‘No Woman, No Cry’ the credit went to Vincent Ford. It has long been speculated that Marley did this to circumvent his contractual commitments to Cayman Music, his original publisher, which had signed Marley in 1967. Confirming that the long-running dispute was now heading to court, Cayman said in a statement earlier his week: “It is now common ground between the disputing parties that the songs – including ‘No Woman, No Cry’ – were actually written by Bob Marley but that the music publisher’s share was never credited to Cayman Music, who have now been denied their contracted entitlement for more than 40 years” concluding  “On 12 May this fascinating and unique story involving a complex cast of characters, the most successful black artist of all time, and his most famous song, purportedly stolen from its rightful owners before it was even recorded, may be one step closer to a resolution. Perhaps, too, a little unknown history will also be restored to the record books”.

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