Wrexham pub banned from playing music until licensed

May 2014

Live events


Mr Justice Nugee has banned the proprietors of a Wrexham cafe from playing recorded music because of the lack of a proper licece. Matthew Arnold and Amy Duckett, trading as the Yales Cafe were caught playing music there without a suitable licence. In addition to the ban, which extends to any premises they run, they were ordered to pay a legal costs bill of £1,789, which must be paid within 14 days. The action was brought by Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) – a PPL inspector found playing music on the premisesm including Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams, Eat Sleep Rave Repeat by Fatboy Slim and Laura Palmer, by British band Bastille without a PPL licence. PPL’s solicitors had sent letters to the premises informing them of the nature and extent of PPL’s repertoire and the fact the playing in public of sound recordings without PPL’s licence or permission constitutes infringement of its copyright, and inviting them to acquire a licence – which they failed to do before the High Court action.


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