Engelbert Humperdinck sued over cancelled show

July 2014

Live events industry


The Palace Theatre in Albany, New York State, is suing crooner Engelbert Humperdinck over a concert he cancelled at the last minute back in 2011. The Palace claims that it paid the agents of the singer a $20,000 advance for the show, but that his agents refused to return the money when they cancelled the concert with one day’s notice, saying that their client intended to reschedule the performance. But, the venue says, it informed Humperdinck’s people that they didn’t want a rescheduled show.

The Daily Gazette reports that the lawsuit says: “On or about 28 Jun, 2011, or 29 Jun 2011, the day before or the day of the concert, defendant Mr Humperdinck abruptly and without prior warning, cancelled the agreed-upon 29 Jun, 2011, performance, despite the fact that his band was already in place, and despite the fact that plaintiff had performed all of its duties and obligations pursuant to the agreement”.

The venue is now seeking over $70,000 in compensation, which includes the deposit, advertising and other product costs spent before the show was pulled, and lost ticket sales. Humperdinck’s people are yet to respond to the litigation.



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