Lieberberg prevails in Rock am Ring name dispute

October 2014

Live events sector


Markek Lieberberg’s MLK has prevailed in his battle with Capricorn Automotive, new owners of the Nürburgring, home of the Rock am Ring festival site since 1985,  overturning the decision of the Koblenz District Court (Landgericht Koblenz) which had said that neither MLK or Capricorn had the right to use the name ‘Rock Am Ring’ without the permission of the other. The appellate court agreed with MLK that MLK and MLK alone owned the name. Ahead of the court hearings, Lieberberg told Der Spiegel that “Rock am Ring is a vision that I had 30 years ago. It’s an idea that I realized – at the Nürburgring and without help from third parties. We invented a brand. We’ve achieved cult status for it. And the brand will remain. It’s not at all tied to the Nürburgring itself.”  Having seen two  new affidavits of the ex – managing director of the Nürburgring GmbH , Friedhelm Demandt , and the concert organizer Matthias Hoffmann  (supported by a statement from music promoter Marcel Avram)  the court (Oberlandesgericht Koblenz ) agreed. The Festival has now relocated to Monchengladbach. Capricorn has left a further appeal a possibility,  with a spokesperson saying it would complain against a detrimental judgment, commenting before the decision “The title “Rock am Ring” belong to both sides” adding  the rights for merchandising also are jointly owned by Capricorn .


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