Power says PRS injunction against him set aside

December 2014

Live events sector


Vince Power has said that the injunction issued against him as a result of legal action by the music publishing sector’s collecting society PRS has been set aside in court. PRS had claimed that Power’s Hop Farm festival operated without a licence from the society between 2009 and 2012. The company that operated the Hop Farm event during that time, Music Festivals plc no longer operates but PRS argued that Power should be held personally liable for the unpaid royalties as the person in control of the company at the time. Power didn’t respond to PRS’s lawsuit and the courts ruled against the promoter by default, ordering him to pay the society’s legal costs and to settle the case against him. It was reported at the time that Power had been banned from playing music in public until he updates his licences. He will also have to cover the £7,987 in legal costs incurred by PRS.

Power argued that he had not been aware of the PRS’s litigation against him, and had never been formally served papers and the promoter sought to have the injunction set aside and, according to Power’s spokesperson, that has now been achieved, saying “Vince complained to PRS that its lawyers had made no proper attempt to serve him and required the injunction and the order for costs to be set aside. The order was made in his absence because he knew nothing about the hearing. PRS agreed to have the injunction and costs award set aside by High Court order”.

The spokesperson also accused PRS of issuing misleading statements back in August about the nature of the injunction against Power, saying: “When PRS broke the news [it] also wrongly claimed that it had obtained an injunction banning Vince from staging musical events. It had not – the order simply required him to pay licence fees in order to stage events and that is the law anyway”.

PRS then hit back, confirming that their legal action against Power is ongoing, and disputing some of the comments made by Power (although without going into specifics regarding what). A spokesperson for the society told CMU: “While the legal action continues, we are unable to comment in detail however we strongly deny the allegations made recently by Vince Power relating to the High Court action against him in respect of Hop Farm Festival in 2009, 2010 and 2011”.




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