Bahrain clamps down on unlicensed music and dancers

December 2014

Live events sector


A total of 28 four-star hotels in Bahrain have had a music ban imposed on them after the Culture Ministry found them to be violating the law that regulates tourism activities. The ban, which also includes hiring dancers and music bands, will be for one month, according to Gulf Daily News.

Culture Ministry assistant undersecretary for tourism, Sheikh Khalid said the ban comes after numerous breaches of the law, despite repeated warnings and meetings with representatives of the hotels, according to the report. “The decision was taken after surveying 154 violations at 28 four-star hotels despite repeated warnings since 2013,” Sheikh Khalid said. In a statement to Bahrain News Agency, he said the hotels that breached the law had transformed restaurants and cafes into discos and dancing floors, hired so-called singers without licences and exceeded the legal work timing which represented an affront to the Bahrain’s social traditions.

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