Federation of Small Businesses says concerns remain with public performance licensing

December 2014

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The Federation of Small Businesses has said that the music industry’s performing right collecting societies still have some way to go in improving the way they work with small to middle sized enterprises, despite acknowledging some improvements in recent years. The UK government has, in recent years, put some pressure on collecting societies including PPL and PRS for to adopt ‘minimum standards’ of service to licensees and both PPL and PRS had already updated their own codes of conduct to bring them in line with post-Hargreaves standards back in 2012. But citing its own research, the FSB said last week that it had found nearly a quarter of its members with a collecting society licence had made a complaint of some sort about the collective licensing system. The Federation added: “The findings also show the lack of progress towards achieving greater transparency and simplicity of charges over the past twelve months. Without such progress, trust amongst small businesses in the current system will be undermined”. FSB National Chairman John Allan told reporters: “Although collecting societies have a strong code of conduct in place, we are not convinced they are making enough progress in meeting their own standards. This research should be seen as a warning sign that without faster change, small business will start seeking stronger regulation of the industry.


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