Space oddity back online

December 2014

Music publishing


Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s “goosebump-inducing” cover of “Space Oddity?” which had amassed 23.4 million hits before it was taken down from YouTube is back online after  Hadfield secured fresh permission from Mr Bowie’s representatives to use the extra-planetary recording, which was made aboard the ISS at an elevation of 250 miles (400 km), after a five month hiatus. Bowie himself loved it, posting on Facebook that it was “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created” and an initial one-year agreement which has now been extended after a “careful and exacting” legal process with Hadfield saying “And now, we are so happy to be able to announce that my on-orbit cover of Space Oddity is back up on YouTube. This time we have a new 2-year agreement, and it is there, for free, for everyone. We’re proud to have helped bring Bowie’s genius from 1969 into space itself in 2013, and now ever-forward. Special thanks to Onward Music Ltd, to the Canadian Space Agency and NASA, to musicians Emm Gryner and Joe Corcoran, to videographer Andrew Tidby, to my son Evan, and mostly to Mr. David Bowie himself. For the countless others who have helped work to bring about a new era of exploration, the art of it sings to us all.”

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