TPB’s Fredrik Neij finally detained

December 2014



The Times reports that one of the world’s ‘most wanted hackers’ has been arrested. And who is it? Well none other than Fredrik Neij, one of the four men who created The Pirate Bay. Neij was arrested crossing from Laos into Thailand, seemingly by Thai immigration officials responding to an Interpol arrest warrant. Local reports say that whilst living in Laos with his wife, he also had a home on Phuket and had financial assets of £95,000 as a cash balance. He was the last remaining convicted Pirate Bay man at large. He and his co-founders Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Peter Sunde were found guilty of multiuple contributory copyright infringement in the Swedish courts in 2009. After a lengthy appeals process (with Svartholm not even showing up for appeal hearing) all but Carl Lundström – the fourth member – went on the run –  Lundström having negotiated down his sentence to house arrest. Svartholm Warg made it to Cambodia, but was recently extradited to Denmark on serious hacking charges (against the Police) and sentenced to three years and a half in prison.  In June Peter Sunde was arrested in southern Sweden. Sunde had been living in Berlin, Germany, seemingly without a problem, but returned to Sweden at times as he had family there. His final appeal against his sentence failed when his request for another appeal was denied by Sweden’s Supreme Court – and ultimately he was sentenced to eight months in prison along with a substantial fine on the copyright infringement charges. And now finally Neij faces his own spell in prison too although at almost the same time, Peter Sunde was released from jail having served more than five months for his 2009 conviction.

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