Beastie boys seek $2.4 million costs in Monster claim

February 2015

Recorded music


Having prevailed in their claim that energy drink Monster used a mix of Beastie Boys tracks in a promotional video documenting a snowboarding event it staged in 2012 without the band’s permission, and been awarded $1.7 million by a jury (upheld on appeal), the two remaining band members are now seeking legal costs associated with the litigation of nearly $2.4 million. According to Billboard, the musicians’ lawyers argue that the way the Monster company behaved during the legal battle added to those legal costs and, therefore, it should foot the bill. A legal filing last weekend cites Monster’s failure to engage in “good-faith negotiations” and its bid to have the original ruling overturned as reasons why the drinks company should be held liable for the group’s legal fees – otherwise the plaintiff’s success at trial “would become a Pyrrhic victory”.

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