Korn’s former drummer thumps out his claim

April 2015




Korn have sold more than 10 million albums in their long career, with releases including “Life is Peachy” and  their third album, 1998’s “Follow the Leader” which debuted at No 1 in the U.S Billboard charts. Now one of the founding members, David Silveria, is suing his four former bandmates in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Silveria laims that lead singer Jonathan Davis, guitarists James Schaffer and Brian Welch, and bassist Reggie Arvizu owe him an accounting for revenue since 2006 and damages for breach of partnership agreement. He also seeks an order dissolving the Korn partnership.
Silveria says he, Schaffer and Arvizu disbanded their heavy metal group L.A.P.D in 1989, and they then joined with Davis and Welch to form Korn and tat he and his bandmates formalised their partnership and agreed to share equally in Korn’s future successes and failures – including its trademarked name.  In 2005, Welch left the group, but retained his partnership interest in Korn. Silveria left in 2006 in a move he calls “a temporary hiatus” in his complaint, saying he always intened to return to the band and he retained his interest in the Korn Partnership, which entitled him to his percentage interest in profits derived from partnership assets”.    The band recruited drummer Ray Luzier to replace Silveria in 2006 and made him a full-time member in 2009. Welch did return to the band to Korn in 2013 and this seems to have prompted Silveria’s desire to return as drummer, but this was rejected by the band. However the claim says “Despite excluding Silveria from all aspects of the partnership business, as a result of failing to respond to Silveria’s requests, Davis, Arvizu, Schaffer and Welch have not compensated Silveria for his interest in the partnership property, brand or good will, or his individual property interest in the Korn trade name, trademark or service mark.”
Korn is on tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut, playing the LP in its entirety at select dates.

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