Lufti’s claim against Spears will be heard in court

April 2015




Sam Lutfi, the one time self appointed manager for Britney Spears at the time when spear’s life seemed to be spinning out of control, is back in the news. Pushed away from Spears when her family took control of her life, the somewhat controversial Lufti subsequently sued the family claiming he had been defamed by Spears’ mother, Lynne, in a book about her daughter’s struggles. She accused Lutfi of “exasperating Britney’s problems and drug taking, whereas he claimed that he had actually pressured the singer to deal with her addictions.” There were also allegations that Spears’ father assaulted Lutfi, while the latter claimed that he had, for a time, been Britney’s manager and was therefore due a cut of her income from that period. That libel case reached court in 2012, with both Lutfi and Mrs Spears taking to the witness stand, but after two weeks Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera  dismissed the proceedings, noting various weaknesses in Lutfi’s arguments and inconsistencies in his testimony. However Lufti’s claim breach of contract and outstanding commissions has continued, and appeal judges in California have now said that the dispute should be considered by a jury saying “We must determine whether Sam’s inconsistent testimony as to the start date, the right to terminate, and calculation of his fees shows insufficient clarity of material terms to enforce the alleged contract as a matter of law. We find that it does not. As set forth above, it is a factual question for the jury to determine whether an oral contract was formed between Sam and Britney, and if so, to interpret the material terms of that contract”.

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