Kraftwerk trade mark claim powers up

April 2015




Kraftwerk co-founder Ralf Hutter has launched a trademark infringement lawsuit against a German company called eZelleron who plan to manufacture a portable phone charger which they plan to call … Kraftwerk.
Hutter, who owns trademarks to the Kraftwerk name in multiple territories in various classes, is claiming that eZelleron’s chosen name for its product suggests at least an endorsement on his part. However, the meaning of the band’s name is ‘Power Station’ in German which in the circumstances might prove a burden for the musician. The Hollywood Reporter says that Hutter is launching his legal actions in Delaware in the U.S. rather than Europe, demanding that US internet service providers and crowdfunding platforms be barred from displaying references to eZelleron’s “Kraftwerk” in order to avoid confusion amongst consumers. Hütter said that the sale and distribution of the portable phone charger would contribute to the dilution of the band’s trademarks, which are “widely recognised by the general consuming public” of the US and that  eZelleron’s portable charger infringes three US ‘Kraftwerk’ trademarks.
eZelleron raised $1.5 million from a successful Kickstarter campaign,

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