Official One Direction re-mix competition prompts infringement takedowns

August 2015

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Techdirt alerts us to a badly backfiring competition organised by Sony, One Directon’s record label, which resulted in entrants’ masterpieces being removed from Soundcloud by … errrrmm, Sony.
Soundcloud has long been a key place for DJs and remixers to upload their works but has had a fairly testing relationship with the major record labels  – and now as Techdirt opine, Soundcloud has “clearly ratcheted up its takedown procedures leading to many vocal complaints from angry Soundcloud users.”
The competition was advertised as this:
Ready to make your mark in the music industry? Well here is your chance – One Direction are inviting remixers and producers from the UK to remix “Steal My Girl” the first single from their upcoming album FOUR, slated for release on November 17th, 2014.
So, UK-producer and songwriter named Lee Adams did his remix, on the clear undrstanding the competition ws organised by One Direction and their label, Sony Music – so not a chance of copyright infringement (right?). The stems for remixing were released on Soundcloud. The rules of the contest required entrants to upload their remixes on Soundcloud… and that’s exactly what Adams did. And yet those works still got taken down because soundcloud’s own system detected the remix as infringing. Eh?  But it wasn’t ALL bad news, Adams reached out to everyone and finally got the work reinstated but  then it all got a bit silly – Adams told TorrentFreak: “I messaged SoundCloud back saying it was part of a remix contest. Then they told me that doesn’t mean I own the copyright,” Lee says.  Lee even contacted the company running the competition on Sony’s behalf saying “As it was only a couple of days before the contest closed, I emailed TalentHouse themselves to see if they could do anything,” Lee explains.  “They were very good and after a couple of emails SoundCloud reinstated my track. Interestingly, TalentHouse made the comment that ‘this kind of thing happens all the time with SoundCloud’.”
Did it end happily – errm no –  because with the latest expansion of Soundcloud takedowns, Adams finds himself back in the same situation again and Adams was told this week “We’ve received a report that your track ‘One Direction – Steal My Girl (Lee Adams Remix)’ contains copyrighted content. As a result, your track has been removed from your profile for the time being,”
This prompted Adam’s final somewhat annoyed tweet
@onedirection your record company are a joke. Copyright infringement takedown on a track that I made for a remix contest that THEY put on and

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