Fredericksburg to review outdoors noise limits

November 2015

Live events sector



Fredericksburg, just west of Austin, is a weekend destination for many Texans with the country music hotspot of Luckenbach just a short drive away. But now it seems that one of the most inviting pieces of the Fredericksburg experience – live outdoor music – could be in danger. According to reports from a city council meeting, amplified outdoor music could soon be a thing of the past. It seems that complaints to city council members from residents and bed-and-breakfast owners near the town’s Main Street area have been mounting. City Manager Kent Myers said in a statement that no votes were taken at the meeting and no decisions were made, but the town’s police chief was expected to present some findings on sound complaints in the area by the end of the year. A sound ordinance is already in place in Fredericksburg. Currently outdoor amplified music is subject to nightly 11 p.m. curfew.
It seems that everything is up for debate: Reports say that it’s possible that decibel level limits may be reduced or enforced, or that venues might need to change the arrangement of outdoor speakers. But outdoor events might be more seriously hit with amplified music restricted to indoor venues only, with any outdoor events having to relay on acoustic music. Reports says the  City council is likely to look at what other cities like San Antonio and Austin have done. But some residents are supporting live music: Resident Mimi Taylor, who books acts around town including those at Hondo’s On Main, plans on attending the November 2nd City council meeting to address city leaders and she’s asking locals and musicians alike to come and speak up for music in Fredericksburg.

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