ICE announces new Nordic partners and new brand

December 2015

Music publishing



PRS for Music have announced that the Koda (Denmark), TONO (Norway) and Teosto (Finland) performing rights societies are integrating their copyright data and services with the ICE.  ICE’s mandate is to hold a single multi-territory, multi-rights entry for a copyright work.  The decision was taken by the societies to set up the ‘Polaris Nordic initiative’ to offer their members a more efficient and cost-effective service.  PRS for Music also tells us about its new branding for ICE and tells us in marketing babble: “The existing ICE branding refreshes with a new master logo and an additional set of service descriptor logos”.


In addition, ICE partners announced the first appointments to the new expanded ICE offering.  Ben McEwen will transfer from PRS for Music to take up post as Commercial Director of ICE Licensing to lead the licensing and front office rightsholder acquisition and management functions.  Neil Jones will be seconded from PRS for Music as the Services Director for ICE Services and will drive the setup of the operational and professional functions.


Robert Ashcroft was appointed as the CEO of the ICE Licensing and ICE Services arm of the hub earlier this summer, in addition to his role as Chief Executive of PRS for Music.  He has responsibility for delivering a hub that encourages the aggregation of music repertoires and offer state-of-the art rights management systems run from a single, authoritative database.


Robert Ashcroft said, “The DNA of this hub has been forged from the same qualities as the ICE copyright database, which was in itself born of collaboration and a strong will to solve big problems in the market place.  ICE is a truly mass market proposition that will appeal to the widest cross section of rightsholders and digital service providers operating across Europe.  ICE builds out the brand with a truly flexible suite of options.  It is set to deliver security, speed and reliability very cost effectively to all customers.”


Following launch, ICE will support over 250,000 rightsholders and multi-territory digital music companies across Europe.


ICE brings a unique offering to customers, not currently met elsewhere with a flexible suite of services which include an authoritative copyright database, matching, processing and licensing services.  It has been developed from best-in-class technologies which will deliver unparalleled economies of scale, speed, efficiency, accuracy and business intelligence reporting.  It is the fruition of a partnership that harnesses years of combined experience in collective management, servicing and shaping the digital market from the outset.


The benefits will be wide reaching, offering solutions to rightsholders and a simpler, more streamlined process for digital service providers (DSPs) seeking pan-European music licences.  The economies of scale and increased efficiencies will deliver cost saving benefits to rightsholders and greater simplicity for DSPs.  ICE offers a potential transformative benefit to new and smaller music repertoires as inclusion into the core licence enables the potential for greater access to DSPs.

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