Russian legislators shy away from live industry regulation – for now

March 2016

Live events sector



Billboard reports that Russian legislators have backed down from new regulations proposed for the live industry following criticism from a number of high-profile artists. Two months ago, legislators embraced a proposal from several major promoters and producers for a self regulating organisation of promoters.
However a number of music producers and promoters behind the initiative said there is still a need for reform in the segment. “Ideas are proposed to be discussed,” Iosif Prigozhin, a prominent producer who was among the original proponents of the new regulations, told Billboard. “And regulations should be adopted in such a form that they will satisfy everyone.”

“But the industry still needs some reforms and adjustment,” he went on to say, adding that the proposed regulations were not aimed at hurting artists but were expected to clean the segment of unscrupulous and unprofessional players.
In January 2016 in anticipation of the new regulations,  a new organisation Soyukontsert was formed. Founder members include SAV Entertainment, PMI and NCA. At the time

Soyukonsert saidf iyt would


– Create  an emergency fund to cover expenses for cancelled shows

– Form a disciplinary commission that will assess professional standards for the live sector

– Liaise with local authorities to avoid cancellations of show


“The creation of a self-regulating organization is a natural step as the live entertainment industry moves towards greater professionalism,” said Dmitry Bogachev, head of Stage Entertainment. “Similar professional organisations exist in many countries. And, similarly to them, we shouldn’t restrict ourselves to formal regulation of relations with consumers.”
A number of high profile artistes complained that the proposal was developed without any discussion with artists and was leaning too much towards customer care, while interests of artists were not properly protected.
Legislators have now announced that a new version of regulations will be developed with the criticisms taken into account.

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