PRS for Music welcomes the Collective Management of Copyright (EU Directive) Regulations 2016

May 2016

Music publishing



PRS for Music has issued a statement saying that the CMO supports the principles and objectives of the Collective Right Management (CRM) Directive which came into force yesterday. Details of the UK Regulations can be found here (The Collective Management of Copyright (EU Directive) Regulations 2016).
In welcoming the new UK Regulations, PRS believes the CRM Directive will improve the way collective management organisations operate across the EU, which will be in the best interests of rightholders and users.
The CRM Directive is intended to provide long term legislative solutions to ensure all collective management organisations operating in Europe meet minimum standards of transparency, governance and customer service generally and also in respect of multi-territorial online licensing.
With 60% of PRS for Music’s international revenues deriving from the EU, greater transparency and efficiencies will improve the administration and collection of royalties for PRS members, and are in the best interests of all affiliated parties.
Robert Ashcroft, Chief Executive, PRS for Music, commented:
“From its inception we have supported the overarching principles and objectives of the CRM Directive and the intention to create a framework that promotes transparency, efficiency and accountability by collecting societies in Europe. These characteristics are vital to effective rights management, not just for digital online markets but for national licensing.”

He added: “The Directive also provides the essential legal framework to support competition among collective rights management organisations for rightholders’ mandates rather than for licensees, further encouraging the competitive market for online rights by setting high standards for the delivery of multi-territory licensing.”

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