Slovakian music quotas to be tested

July 2016



Slovakia’s General Prosecutor Jaromír Čižnár has said that he will test the constitutionality of state imposed broadcasting quotas. The obligatory quotas, introduced on April 1, 2016, force private radio stations to play 20 percent of Slovak musi,  which will rise to 25 percent as of 2017. Public radio must offer 30 percent now and 35 percent next year. The Prosecutors’s office say the quotas interfere with the ownership rights of broadcasters and distort the rules of competition.
The Culture Ministry has reportedly said that it does not want to comment specifically on the challenge before it has studies the matter in detail. It added that the quotas were in compliance with the Slovak Constitution, and respect all principles of a legally consistent state. The Ministry is also of the opinion that the quota system does not threaten the right to free enterprise, as the law only stipulates the type of music to be played, while leaving the specific selection of individual tunes up to each broadcaster.

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