London nightclub Fabric to close permanently after licence revoked

October 2016

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One of Britain’s best known nightclubs, Fabric, has been forced to close permanently after its licence was revoked following the drug-related deaths of two people. After deliberation that lasted into the early hours of Wednesday morning, the local council decided that searches by security staff at the London venue had been “inadequate and in breach of the licence”.
“People entering the club were inadequately searched,” Islington Borough Council’s decision read adding that covert police operations suggested people were openly buying and taking illegal drugs on the premises and that staff should have been aware of this: “Staff intervention and security was grossly inadequate in light of the overwhelming evidence that it was abundantly obvious that patrons in the club were on drugs and manifesting symptoms showing that they were” …. This included sweating, glazed red eyes and staring into space, and people asking for help.”
The Metropolitan Police had asked the council to shut down the 2,500-capacity nightclub after the deaths of two teenagers in the space of nine weeks. One died after collapsing outside the club in August, while another died in late June. In documents provided to the council, superintendent Stuart Ryan wrote: “If the premises is permitted to remain open and operating in its current form, then there is a strong possibility that further drug-related deaths will occur.”
Fabric’s campaign to stay open had been backed by the London mayor, Sadiq Khan and leading figures who played at the venue, one of the most important for fans of electronic music, joined regulars in expressing their sorrow at the decision. Electronic duo Chase and Status tweeted describing the decision as an “absolute disgrace”. A petition to halt the closure of the club had reached almost 150,000 signatures.  Alan Miller of the Night Time Industries Association said: “This is not the end of the story. This is just the beginning. We are going to call on people to contribute funds in a grassroots national movement to lobby their MP and councillors to say enough is enough.
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Fabric has raised over £143,000 in donations as it prepares a legal challenge to its recent closure. The campaign fund, dubbed #saveourculture, will go towards “help[ing] retain a small Fabric team, [keeping] the venue in hibernation and to prepare a legal battle to re-open and stop this police oppression”, says the 2,500-cap. London club, which earlier this month had its licence revoked by Islington Council for what the council called a “culture of drug use [Fabric] appears incapable of controlling”.

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